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For 25 years, our mission has been to connect your company to the best of Silicon Valley in order to inspire your leaders, help them innovate and lead a positive transformation.

In 2020, we bring you new inspiration and tools to lead and succeed in the post-pandemic world.

Let yourself be transformed by the power of innovation

There is more to Innovation than the latest technologies or smart business models. Innovation is also and mainly about mindset. It occurs within each of us, on a deeply human level.

Our virtual and in-person Learning Expeditions and all our services are designed to immerse you in innovation at its source. We guide companies and leaders through a transformative journey that will leave a lasting positive impact on both career and life.

Join our community of over 3,300 leaders reinventing themselves and the world.


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A transformative journey for your company, your team, and yourself, powered by the innovative culture of Silicon Valley 

RealChange Phygital*, Virtual and In-Person Learning Expeditions integrate four levels of experience to enrich your personal journey :

*Phygital : Both In-Person and Virtual (seamless experience)

  • Société/ Culture : l'expérience de la culture de la Silicon Valley et de son "mindset" unique au monde.
  • Entreprise/ Organisation : La mise en relation avec les entreprises innovantes, leurs pratiques, méthodes et outils.
  • Équipe : l'apprentissage en équipe, la pratique de l'intelligence collective et de la collaboration.
  • Vous-même : L'évolution de votre réfléxion, le développement de votre vision et de votre leadership.
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Our Virtual and In-Person Learning Expeditions are an immersive experience, set in the heart of Silicon Valley and of the innovation hotspots of the world. You and your team will learn from companies that are leaders in disruptive innovation, digital transformation, customer centricity, and lean business practices. They are renowned for exercising operational excellence that generates best-in-class employee culture. 
Your transformative journey will connect you with inspiring leaders and organizations. Together, alongside your peers, you will learn to enact a meaningful innovative vision to transform yourself and your company.
What a RealChange Learning Expedition is about

Experience a unique culture of innovation

Gather inspiration from the methods of Silicon Valley and Beyond

Benefit from your team’s collective intelligence

Envision a bright and responsible future 

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Forward-thinking companies trust RealChange

We have been the catalyst for change with many companies over the years, but don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say….
Great discovery of the latest advances in Silicon Valley and an exceptional team. Great experience that gives the keys to building the next ten years in terms of innovation. 
Claude Guillemot, Co-founder, Executive Vice President
A challenging, stimulating, inspiring experience. Very well designed, it opened up new horizons for me, for our management team and for the company. 
Valerie Wanquet, Group CFO
Credit Agricole
“It was a revelation to be able to meet and share with people who are leaders in their field. I learned new methodologies, the importance of courage and new ways to have an impact."
Jonathan Hadida
Marketing Lead, EMEA, Google
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About us

Founded in 1996 by Christian Forthomme, RealChange is the standard for transformative Learning Expeditions in Silicon Valley. We immerse executive teams, leaders, managers and entrepreneurs in the best of innovation produced right here in California.

For 25 years, we have helped our clients discover the “secret sauce” of Silicon Valley Innovation. We lead them to discover their inner capacity to innovate and empower them to enact a positive vision, promoting a lasting impact on their companies.

Today, at a time when we all need inspiration to re-emerge in a different world, we connect management teams, leaders and entrepreneurs with the best of Silicon Valley, as well as with other global innovation ecosystems. 

Through inspirational virtual and in-person journeys, our mission is to equip our clients with fresh thinking and energy to re-invent themselves and emerge as new leaders.

The guarantee of a successful experience

With more than 230 Learning Expeditions conducted to date, we are able to ensure an optimal ROI and a lasting transformation in the mindset of your company and managers.

A strong track record of effective cultural immersion within the best of the global innovation ecosystem

Valuable connections with Silicon Valley innovation leaders

A holistic approach  that leads to positive change

A global organization with a global outlook

Cultural change expertise

Inspiring leadership with purpose, empathy, creativity and versatility

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