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The proven formula for guaranteed success: your Learning Expedition will help you reinvent your company from the inside out.

The RealChange Difference

A Journey that’s Tailor-Made

We are not just connected to the best of Silicon Valley. We also scout other global innovation ecosystems to provide you with a unique and tailored experience. Inspiring encounters with the brightest brains on the planet and meaningful dialogue with your peers that will bring new perspective to your daily life.

An Integral Organization

We take care of your entire experience, from content to logistics (virtual platform and tools, logistics services) to interactive and stimulating facilitation. 

A Unique Networking Opportunity

Our connection to the Silicon Valley ecosystem will introduce you to meet inspiring leaders who will enrich your vision. 

A Focus on People First

Not only will you and your group learn about innovation, technology and new models for success, you’ll become more engaged and connected to one another. 

A Fountain of Actionable Value

Your Learning Expedition will give you the tools to formulate an action plan that can be immediately activated upon return.

3 Types of learning expeditions to reinvent yourself and transform your company


Dedicated Learning Expedition for one company

Suitable for your C-Suite or project teams.

Strong focus on your company's specific transformation challenges and innovation goals.

Develop the team mindset necessary for successful innovation and business transformation.

Experience an exhilarating immersion into the innovative culture of Silicon Valley.

Create a lasting positive dynamic within your organization.

Discover our Learning Expeditions
for Executive Teams

Learning expeditions for global companies and their ecosystem.

Become the trusted partner of your prospects and customers by supporting their goals for transformation.

Serve as a catalyst for innovation within your ecosystem and industry by co-organizing learning expeditions.

Foster a a collective dynamic generating concrete projects and value for all.


Public Learning Expedition

Explore the emerging trends impacting your sector and markets.

Benefit from an array of diverse perspectives emerging from a group of distinctive leaders.

Define a compelling vision and the action plan needed to execute it.

Discover our Inter-company / inter-generational Learning Expedition

Hybrid approach (in person/virtual)

Whether within your own company or mixed with other professionals, we offer an option for leaders participating in an in-person Learning Expedition to invite a number of colleagues in their company to co-learn via a virtual experience. They view presentations or video visits at their own pace and connect with the group for a joint debriefing and collaborative learning session each day. In this way, such hybrid teams can work together very effectively on their implementation plans post learning.

Forward-thinking companies trust RealChange

RealChange works with companies of all sizes and industries, including : IT, automotive, banking, insurance, telecommunications, distribution, energy, health, and many others.

It opened my eyes and inspired to :
1) The dynamic going in Silicon Valley
2) The importance of an inspiring mission for millennials
3) The possibility to steer innovation as a process

Very smooth logistics. Very relevant visits.
Jan de Witte
CEO, Barco
A very inspiring learning experience with a strong focus on personal growth. A sharing and caring attitude and Silicon Valley values, in a context of innovation & technology.
Marthe van Rooij
Chief officer digital, Air France/KLM
A great journey in the heart of innovation in action. Many insights that will help me in the "Technology Enablement"  initiative I am building at Webhelp.
Vincent Tachet
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Our most commonly asked questions about RealChange Learning Expeditions

What is a Learning Expedition ?

A Learning Expedition (or LEX) is a virtual or in-person immersive experience, set in a location highly recognized for its innovative influence. Its purpose is to help you draw personal inspiration from effective strategies, meet with influential leaders and learn about unfolding trends.

Why embark on a Learning Expedition ?

A Learning Expedition is essential to help you accelerate your organization’s capacity to innovate. It’s a journey that enables you to build a new vision of sustainable success for your company. Together, alongside your management team, you’ll meet the pioneers securing the future of our economy to gain actionable strategies you can implement within your own company.

Who are our Learning Expeditions for?

Our Learning Expeditions are designed to address the needs of executive committees and management teams. We also provide experiences for operational managers and intrapreneurs, as well as other roles that you regard as essential to your company's future.

Which activities take place on a Learning Expedition?

Our journeys are customized to the needs of your group and tailored to your learning objectives. We have designed engaging expeditions around  a variety of specialized topics, including: artificial intelligence and machine learning, fintech, insurtech, and retailtech. In addition, common themes include digital transformation, open innovation, sustainable development, impact culture, CSR, and integrating a startup culture into your organization.

How is a RealChange Learning Expedition different from a learning journey or a webinar ?

Our Learning Expeditions are designed with a focus on personal and organizational transformation, interactive participation, team development and the creation of shared group and individual vision with an actionable plan.

What is the cost of a Learning Expedition?

All Learning Expeditions are custom. We can provide you a cost estimate, based on the number of participants, duration of the experience and period of the year.

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