Multi-company / inter-generational Learning Expeditions to San Francisco

A proven methodology for guaranteed satisfaction: make your learning expedition a lever of inspiration to reinvent yourself and transform your company.

Objectives of the multi-company learning expeditions

Explore emerging trends and their impact on your industry and your family business & family office.

Benefit from the collective intelligence and diverse perspectives of a group of participants from outside your company.

Imagine the next step with the next generation and leaders of the future in California.

A learning expedition built to imagine the future and transform, in direct conversation with the leaders of the future in Silicon Valley and in partnership with your family members.


Inter-company / inter-generational learning expedition to San Francisco




Family business 

IA  and Data

New technologies

Ecological transition

Reorganization of the world, GAFAMs, post-Covid decision-making processes 

Pivots and reinventions in an unpredictable world

Digital, ecological and societal transformation

Design Doing and Impact

New ways of working

Leaders and entrepreneurs of the future

Program Examples

We also offer a hybrid approach in which leaders participate in the learning expedition in person, and invite a group of their colleagues to participate in a virtual format.

They can watch the informative part (presentations or visits) in video at their own pace and connect to share the discussion and the key points to remember or implement. This makes it easier to trigger effective action upon return.

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We experience the Learning Expeditions with our clients.

We accompany them, we encourage them on the path of exploration and innovation, we help them evolve their vision of the world and of themselves. In the end, they are the ones who speak about the experience best.

Great discovery of the latest advances ofSilicon Valley and an exceptional team.
Claude Guillemot
Co-founder, EVP Operations, UBISOFT
More than inspiring, it's incredibly impactful! I leave with an overwhelming desire to make things happen in a positive way. 
Thomas Hug de Larauze
A beautiful parenthesis to recharge the batteries and open up. Beautiful moments of sharing, beautiful meetings to try to change the mode and see things in bigger !
Samuel Tual
President, Actual Group
The desire to undertake by innovating, to aim high, to test without fearing failure.
Alexandre Martin
Web Project Manager, VUPAR
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All about RealChange's Learning Expeditions

What is a learning expedition ?

A learning expedition (also known as LEX) is a real or virtual immersion experience to learn from existing best practices, interact with passionate leaders and learn about upcoming trends and innovative practices.

Why go on a learning expedition ?

To accelerate your organization's capacity for innovation, develop your management, unite your team, take a step back from your activity, meet the pioneers of tomorrow's economy and build a new vision for the sustainable success of your company.

Who is a learning expedition for ?

It is primarily intended for management committees and teams. A learning expedition can also be organized for your operational managers and intrapreneurs, the talents you want to develop quickly, and the people capable of influencing the company's future.

What is the program of a learning expedition?

It is customized according to your objectives. RealChange has organized learning expeditions on artificial intelligence and machine learning, fintech and insurtech, retailtech, digital transformation, innovation by design, industry 4.0, startup culture, open innovation, CSR, sustainable development, impact culture...

How is a RealChange learning expedition different from a business trip or a webinar ?

Even though we integrate creative and playful experiences into the program, it is above all a transformation-oriented journey. The transformation of your company, your industry, but also of yourself and your teams.

How much does a learning expedition cost ?

The budget depends on the number of participants, the time spent on site, the theme chosen and the objectives set. Because each learning expedition is personalized, we encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss your project together.

Are you ready to organize your next real or virtual learning expedition with us ?