Continuous Innovation

Benefit from the support of the best innovation and design thinking experts in Silicon Valley to innovate with pleasure.

Make innovation the engine of your company's performance

What if you made innovation your personal best ally and the performance driver of your company ?

Over the past two years, innovation has played a critical role in getting many companies through this difficult period by creating new products and services and allowing them to evolve or even reinvent themselves.

Nevertheless, innovation is not only about fulfilling a business mission. It is also about activating an optimistic, creativity-oriented mindset that enables individuals to better address ongoing challenges and think differently about their role and their company. This is particularly important today, as after two years of isolation, the life change of some employees continues to grip companies like never before, and human operating models need to be reinvented.

Unfortunately, innovation is often experienced as an obligation, an obligatory passage with the adoption of specific tools and methodologies leading to concrete results, implemented in a spirit of hard work. 

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"Innovation is first and foremost about learning together in a spirit of generosity and optimism"

Today, you are probably asking yourself the following questions :

  • What innovation do we need ?
  • "We have plans, but we're not moving forward." How do we get our projects done quickly ?
  • How to prioritize projects that get lost in development time and consume many resources ?
  • How to create new markets?
  • How to approach new technological challenges such as digitalization and artificial intelligence?
  • How do we keep our teams engaged?
  • "We're looking for new avenues of innovation and we don't know how to go about it."
  • "We need fresh air."
  • "I don't know how to implement our innovation approach."
  • "My teams are stuck and can't move forward. What should I do ?
  • "I need to reinvent myself to become an innovative leader." 

Innovation is a vector for changing the mentality of companies through empathy, listening, fun, and rapid prototyping, which lead to tangible and measurable results.

All this can be found in Human Centered Design and Design Thinking

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So why not innovate with pleasure?

Our goal is to enable you to innovate in a relevant and efficient way, in a fun way, to give you access to a permanent state of innovation.
We offer several programs as entry points to the Innovation Spa experience.
Nous vous proposons plusieurs programmes comme point d'entrée à l'expérience Innovation Spa.

"I make myself want to"

Introduction to Human Centered Design through the Innovation Spa.

Objective : Understand how to innovate in a relevant, efficient and accelerated way in order to reach a permanent state of innovation.

This first session will introduce you to Human Centered Design and Design Thinking through concrete experiential moments of empathy and accelerated collaboration.
First, you will have the opportunity to discover user listening based on empathy.
Second, you will create a product or a service from the information retained from the user study.

At the end of this session, participants will have experienced innovation in record time through empathy, collaboration and rapid prototyping in a spirit of learning and fun.

Introduction to Design Thinking : 10min

Empathy : 10 minutes

Prototyping : 10 min

Restitution : 10 minutes

Duration of the session : 40 minutes

"I create my program"

Curriculum 3 special Design Thinking sessions

1/ The first session is similar to the learning expeditions.
The objective is to quickly experience Human Centered Design through concrete moments of empathy and accelerated collaboration.

2/ The second session will be focused on discovering or deepening innovation opportunities in your company and how to define a framework to move forward together.

3/ The third session will be dedicated to making a selection and a work plan to transfer the ideas generated during the second session to exciting projects. RealChange will help you select the anchors, criteria, success points (costs, time, assets...).

"I am a specific session"

Integrate the Human Centered Design approach

This on specific issues such as artificial intelligence.

The objectives of these sessions are to :

1/ Define AI opportunities that are user-centric.
2/ Demystify AI and see it as a personal and professional opportunity.

The types of activities on this specific theme would be the following :

  • Study "hopes and fears" before learning about artificial intelligence.
  • Intro design thinking.
  • Human Centered Design session applied to AI.
  • Design Thinking session to uncover user-centric AI opportunities for your business.


We live Learning Expeditions, with our clients.

We accompany them, we encourage them on the path of exploration and innovation, we help them evolve their vision of the world and of themselves, and, in the end, they are the ones who speak best.

An incredible and very inspiring experience to lead transformation and innovation projects.
Sébastien Picart
Director of Transformation and Digital Proximity, Carrefour
This learning expedition allowed me to generate the ability to step back and energize myself and helped to clarify my vision. This trip will help us to implement the strategic directions taken by our group in the near future.
Bruno Hug de Larauze
A beautiful parenthesis to recharge the batteries and open up. Beautiful moments of sharing, beautiful meetings to try to change the mode and see things in bigger !
Samuel Tual
President, Actual Group
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All about RealChange's Comex learning expeditions

What is a learning expedition ?

A learning expedition (also known as LEX) is a real or virtual immersion experience to learn from existing best practices, interact with passionate leaders and learn about upcoming trends and innovative practices.

Why go on a learning expedition ?

To accelerate your organization's capacity for innovation, develop your management, unite your team, take a step back from your activity, meet the pioneers of tomorrow's economy and build a new vision for the sustainable success of your company.

Who is a learning expedition for ?

It is primarily intended for management committees and teams. A learning expedition can also be organized for your operational managers and intrapreneurs, the talents you want to develop quickly, and the people capable of influencing the company's future.

What is the program of a learning expedition?

It is customized according to your objectives. RealChange has organized learning expeditions on artificial intelligence and machine learning, fintech and insurtech, retailtech, digital transformation, innovation by design, industry 4.0, startup culture, open innovation, CSR, sustainable development, impact culture...

How is a RealChange learning expedition different from a business trip or a webinar ?

Even though we integrate creative and playful experiences into the program, it is above all a transformation-oriented journey. The transformation of your company, your industry, but also of yourself and your teams.

How much does a learning expedition cost ?

The budget depends on the number of participants, the time spent on site, the theme chosen and the objectives set. Because each learning expedition is personalized, we encourage you to contact us so that we can discuss your project together.

Are you ready to organize your next real or virtual learning expedition with us ?