Unique and Transformational Virtual Learning Expeditions

The DNA that made our learning expeditions successful does not change. With our virtual learning expeditions, only the format changes!

Here are the elements that distinguish us and make RealChange Virtual Learning Expeditions (VLEX) a memorable and impactful experience :

The spirit of Silicon Valley has never been more relevant than in difficult times. From the dotcom bubble burst to the subprime crisis, Silicon Valley and its ecosystem of entrepreneurs have perfected the art of regeneration and resilience! Reinventing yourself is a daily sport in this part of the world.

In new super interactive formats, RealChange brings together emblematic speakers and animates collaborative, creative and introspective sessions that generate lasting value and stand out from existing webinar offers.

Connect virtually to the source with the trends, technologies, leaders and companies that are fueling the re-emergence or deep transformation of your business.

4 Types of Virtual Learning Expeditions to innovate during the crisis and reinvent yourself

VLEX Bento →

Virtual Learning Expedition - About one hour

VLEX Deep Dive →

Virtual Learning Expedition - Up to 3 hours to a 1/2 day

VLEX Workshop →

Virtual Learning Expedition: Remote Creative Collaboration - From 1 hour to 1 day last

VLEX Custom →

Virtual Learning Expedition/ Custom Virtual Events - Duration varies according to objectives)

VLEX Bento
One hour.
On a specific subject (digital AI, regenerative economics, ...), meet the best innovators, change agents, entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley and around the world.
Engage in live interactions with speakers, facilitators and peers using new remote collaboration tools that you can use with your teams.
Benefit from the collective intelligence of a group of participants from outside your company and develop your network.
VLEX Deep Dive
3-4 hours.
Focus on the innovation challenges specific to your vertical industry or function in the post-pandemic environment.
Benefit from the input of leaders and experts from traditional and digital native players in specific industries or functions.
Experience the RealChange methodology and develop a tangible and immediately actionable plan.
VLEX Workshop
Virtual Learning Expedition: remote Creative Collaboration (1 hour to 1/2 day)
Access the top Californian and global experts in innovation, design thinking and remote collaboration.
With clear time boundaries, we facilitate a creative, dynamic and fun session  to help you solve a specific problem or brainstorm a new initiative.
Use such sessions to learn and practice design thinking and other methodologies and replicate inside your organisation.
VLEX Custom
Virtual Learning Expedition/ Custom Virtual Events (duration varies according to objectives.
Benefit from the advice and experience of RealChange in organizing virtual events tailored to the needs of your organization.
Be the innovation catalyst of your ecosystem by co-organizing virtual events with your customers, prospects, partners, or newly acquired talent.
Enrich the experience of your virtual event with the content, interactivity and animation offered by RealChange.

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Forward-thinking companies trust RealChange

RealChange works with companies of all sizes and industries, including : IT, automotive, banking, insurance, telecommunications, distribution, energy, health, and many others.
A human hour: Happy hour to share the different experiences of crisis management in Silicon Valley, get inspired and find sources of optimism. Rich and cheerful exchanges.
Christophe Dalichampt
President, Naomis
A challenging, stimulating, inspiring experience. Very well designed, it opened up new horizons for me, for our management team and for the company. 
Valerie Wanquet, Group CFO
Credit Agricole
“It was a revelation to be able to meet and share with people who are leaders in their field. I learned new methodologies, the importance of courage and new ways to have an impact."
Jonathan Hadida
Marketing Lead, EMEA, Google
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