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A New Opportunity to Implement and Leverage Applied Artificial Intelligence to Support Your Organization’s Success

Friday, August 5, 2022

Applied Artificial Intelligence is an approach that brings two worlds together—research and business. Today, organizations can develop disruptive innovations, playing a key role in their short- and medium-term success. These innovations create bridges and synergies between academics who dedicate their careers to artificial intelligence (AI) and companies, entrepreneurs and investors eager to learn more about this science. Case in point, Tesla wouldn’t be where it is today without Andrej Karpathy, AI research scientist and Stanford PhD. And good news, access to applied AI isn’t a privilege only companies like Tesla can enjoy—you can harness its power as well. 

RealChange’s Learning Expeditions and applied AI

Innovation and transformation have been RealChange’s focus and true passion for over 25 years. We have strong roots in Silicon Valley and we keep an eye on innovation hubs around the world, so applied AI piqued our interest early on. As part of our Learning Expeditions, we invited guest speaker Gregory Renard, French-born researcher based in Silicon Valley and global leader in AI. Gregory was a key advisor for “AI for Humanity,” France’s national strategy for AI, and a European Commission AI Strategy advisor. Participants found his presentation and perspective fascinating. 


Given this strong interest and potential of applied AI, RealChange decided to collaborate with Gregory Renard to launch a new service line for clients interested in integrating the immediate benefits of applied AI into their strategy for future success. Through this approach, we’re offering remote, hybrid or in-person applied AI project support at every maturity stage. 

Why implement an applied AI project in your organization?

Because now is the time to plan for the future! In an increasingly competitive environment where the next big disruption is never far away, all organizations must be able to harness AI to accelerate projects. Among many other things, implementing an applied AI project is a way to:

  • move from observing AI developments to actively leveraging AI for future strategies
  • access the best historical leader in AI in the Silicon Valley 
  • understand the strategic and technological challenges of AI
  • fast track key strategic areas and benefit from the experience of current AI experts
  • anticipate developments in a fast-changing economic environment and adapt quickly
  • stay connected to innovation sources and gain direct access to a network of innovators
  • support internal change, train key managers and directors, and accelerate your digital transformation
  • demystify AI and turn it into a powerful driver of success for your organization and your teams

How does an applied AI project work?

Each project is often designed to tackle a specific issue with an approach always developed to meet your specific needs. Gregory Renard co-builds a unique program based on the following main principles:

  • understanding AI project life cycles
  • differentiating applied and fundamental AI, and organizing internal implementation
  • developing a three-year vision roadmap with a 12-month tactical timeline
  • training and supporting teams during technological implementation into business processes

Organizations will benefit from support offered by skilled experts, plus the experience of Gregory Renard who has developed numerous applied AI projects such as:    

  • xBrain, a French startup company offering a platform of self-learning conversational AI agents
  • Alygne, a developing AI tool to help consumers and investors make the right decisions by rendering a clear picture of a company’s values
  • Frontier Development Lab, where Gregory supported and mentored teams of this applied research accelerator, established to maximize the opportunity offered by proximity to technologies and capacities emerging in academia and the private sector 


With Gregory Renard’s expertise and RealChange’s experience, you can transition from an observer to an active user of AI and become an industry leader. Gain access to our network of top labs, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors in California, and beyond. We’ll help you leverage AI for future growth. Contact us today to learn more.