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3 programs to stay connected with the Silicon Valley Ecosystem and pursue your transformation.

Go Beyond
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To put plan to action.


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To transform yourself.

Go Beyond

Continue the journey with our 'Go Beyond' Program (Virtual and In-person)

We understand that our clients are hungry to continue their pursuit of knowledge. That’s why we developed the Go Beyond program to ensure that your team has the ongoing tools and support to put your visionary plan to action. We equip you and your company with the personalized support you need to share the benefits of your experience throughout your organization.

Go Beyond: the benefits of a Learning Expedition for the rest of your team.

With the Go Beyond program, you can expect:

  • The key takeaways of your Learning Expedition presented to the rest of your team
  • A recap of the diverse insights and the enlightening  ideas you learned
  • Engaging multimedia content to attract the interest of your colleagues (presentations, videos, etc.)
  • A clear and concise plan of action to unify your team.
  • Measurable ROI on your entire extended experience
Silicon Valley
Innovation Pipeline

Stay connected to the community and advances of Silicon Valley (Virtual and in-person)

Silicon Valley is renowned for its fast-paced innovative environment. With our Silicon Valley Innovation Pipeline, the RealChange team keeps you and your company connected to the latest opportunities. Our local team of dedicated specialists scouts relevant new concepts and technologies to keep you continuously connected to our ecosystem. We become an extension of your team, helping you maintain a presence in Silicon Valley.

Define the ongoing innovation strategy that fits your business

Over 500 companies based outside the U.S. have opened an Innovation Outpost in Silicon Valley. Depending on your company objectives, our team recommends the follow-up model best suited to your needs. We’ll work with you one-on-one to understand your long-term innovation goals and configure a strategy that meets your objectives.
Based on our findings, our team will offer a custom recommendation to help you and your company stay connected to the Silicon Valley ecosystem. 

Launch your Innovation Outpost in the heart of Silicon Valley

With the optimal model established for your long-term follow-up strategy, we’ll help you launch your team’s Innovation Outpost in Silicon Valley. Innovation Outposts serve a variety of purposes from research and development to internal company incubators. Your outpost makes it possible for you and your company to stay continuously connected to the wealth of Silicon Valley’s ideas, products, and services.
Leadership development - Develop your ability to lead a positive change (Virtual and In-Person)

To assist you in your journey as an innovative leader, we offer extended leadership development programs, for executives and other company team leaders.  The objective of these programs is to maximize your impact on the transformation of your organization. 

« A re-discovery of yourself… A great wealth for the head, the heart and the guts. I immersed myself fully  in this experience which allowed me to take stock of myself, to integrate new concepts and to become aware of the changes that I must make… »
Jacques ROCHER, President Yves Rocher Foundation
Yves Rocher Group

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With our extended leadership development programs, you can expect to:

Discover new and effective tools for change
Identify your stress reactions (body & mind) and leadership style
Develop versatility in your approach, driven by our 4 Leadership Strategies
Discover strategies to deal with resistance to change
Move  from habit to proactive choice
Become aware of  the non-verbal dimension of leadership
Increase performance and productivity individually and as a team

Forward-thinking companies trust RealChange

RealChange works with companies of all sizes and industries, including : IT, automotive, banking, insurance, telecommunications, distribution, energy, health, and many others.
A re-discovery of yourself… A great wealth for the head, the heart and the guts. I immersed myself fully  in this experience which allowed me to take stock of myself, to integrate new concepts and to become aware of the changes that I must make…
Jacques ROCHER
Foundation President, Groupe Rocher
Thanks to RealChange, we saved years in understanding and connecting to the innovation ecosystem of Silicon Valley
Frédéric Maire
Founder and director of Renault Innovation Silicon Valley
“It was a revelation to be able to meet and share with people who are leaders in their field. I learned new methodologies, the importance of courage and new ways to have an impact."
Jonathan Hadida
Marketing Lead, EMEA, Google
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